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Dramatically extend the life of your 
engine by running on clean oil all the time.

  • Removes solid contaminants below one micron.

  • Sizes for all diesel engines.

  • Used by all branches of the U.S. military and offshore oil industries.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

  • Does not void Engine warranty.

  • Does not replace factory filter.

  • Mounts easily on frame rail.

  • Save up to 70% on oil changes.

  • Join our Oil Analysis Program and let us track your engine and interpret your oil quality and wear rates for you.

Oil Samples

If you are tired of hearing marketing hype on how efficient some Bypass Oil Filters are at cleaning a teaspoon of contamination on a 1 hour test stand Click here to see real examples of several of our customers that have run from 100,000 miles to well over 400,000 miles without an oil change!!! Real World Diesel Engines run hard every day for 8 to 10 hours and can generate up to 2 pounds of contamination every 15,000 miles. When it comes to bypass oil filters Size Does Matter!!!


Here is what some of our customers have to say about the
Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter System.


Allen Beverages
 Drew Allen
Owner of Pepsi Cola in Gulfport, MS

“I have used Gulf Coast Filters on my fleet of trucks for over 20 years and I am totally satisfied with not changing oil and getting longer engine life.  These filters save me thousands of dollars every year.”


Drew Allen-
“My father started using Gulf Coast Filters on our Pepsi fleet in 1975. I am proud to say that our company was the first fleet outfitted with your filters and I highly recommend your product.


Elbert Morehouse-"I’ve been using the Gulf Coast Filter for over 3 years now and it has improved my bottom line greatly!  You won’t find a better bypass oil filter or finer folks to work with.  I just sold my 97 Pete and re-installed my Gulf Coast Filter on my new 2007 Pete 379 with a Cat C-15 ACERT.  I would not run my “Petercar” without it.”


Shannon & JoDee Hoffer-"We really are impressed with the bypass oil filter.  I figure we can get another 800,000-900,000 miles out of the engine since we put it on just after the in-frame overhaul.  Thanks for such a wonderful product.”


Bob & Shelley Brinker-Award Winning Show Truck “Legend of the Black Pearl”-"We have now run over 230,000 miles without an oil change with our Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter.  The savings on oil is great, but we are more concerned about protecting our $25,000 engine and knowing that Gulf Coast Filters will call us if we ever have a bad oil sample.” 
Click Here
for more photos of the 2006 1st Place Winner of the Trucklite National Championship and recipient of a check for $5000 awarded at the 2007 Mid America Truck Show.


Jim Rodgers-"I ran my last Truck over 290,000 miles without an oil change with over 25 Lab Reports to back it up.  I recently had Gulf Coast take my old Gulf Coast Filter and mount it on my brand new 2007 Volvo 880 with a 600hp D16 EGR Engine.  I have only run the new truck 50,000 miles so far without an oil change with 3 perfect samples so I am expecting the same results on this engine.  I know the Gulf Coast Filter will save me on oil changes but as you can see because of the size of the filter and having it mounted behind the sleeper it really helps to lower my oil temperature which is important on my new EGR Engine.”

One great thing about Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filters is that they can be mounted in any position. Check out the following installations on different kinds of trucks:











The statement “Bigger is Better” definitely makes sense when it comes to dealing with your diesel engine’s contamination. The Gulf Coast Filter is the biggest, bad’dest bypass oil filter on the market. Our massive replacement elements can hold up to one pound of contamination each. Diesel engines can generate as much as one-pound of Fuel Soot every 10,000 miles. 95% of the contamination in your diesel engine is Fuel Soot particles in the 1-5 micron range. Factory Fuel Flow Oil Filters normally go down to about 10 microns, which is why your oil gets dirty and has to be changed. Install the Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter, join our oil analysis program and change oil when it needs to be changed instead of relying on outdated maintenance practices of running oil until it gets dirty and dump it down the drain.

  • Increases Engine Life By Reducing Wear

  • Eliminates Routine Oil Changes

  • Save Over 70% on Oil Changes

  • Below 1-Micron Filtration

  • Specified by North Carolina DOT

  • Tested by US Air Force, NASA, Shell Offshore and Many Others.

There are many products out there to choose from, all we ask is that you check out the Bypass Oil Filter Systems on the market, how long they have been in business, and who is using them. Our products are simple, effective, inexpensive and built to last the life of your truck.

Model 0-2 By Pass Lube Oil Filter


Installation of the Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter

We Did It!
 1,000,000 MILES

Extended Oil Drain Intervals Fact, Not Fiction!!

1,000,000 Mile Truck

Saving You Money!!

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