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Gulf Coast Filters would like to Congratulate Stan Thomas of Hurley, SD for running his 2006 Peterbilt with a Cat ACERT over 1,000,000 Miles without an oil change. The Gulf Coast Filter was installed on his truck when it was new and it is still running on all the original parts including the original rods and mains. This is another prime example of how the Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter, our oil analysis program and an owner that takes care of his equipment can achieve more life out of his engine. The Million Miles without a single oil change is also icing on the Cake.

Gulf Coast Filters would like to Congratulate Ron Dunaway of Hooper, NE for running his 2006 Volvo 1,000,000 Miles without an oil change. The most significant thing to remember is Ron’s 465hp Volvo is also still running on all the original parts including Rod and Main Bearings with over One Million Miles. This is a prime example of how the Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter and a Superior Oil Analysis Program coupled with a meticulous owner can achieve the maximum number of miles without an overhaul.

I have been using the Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter for years. I have saved many dollars by extending my oil change intervals and as you can see it keeps my Old Girl running Coast to Coast. By sending in oil samples at every filter change, it saves me from being down from an engine problem. Jerry sent me a notice about a sample showing that my air compressor may be going bad. Knowing that, I was able to return to O.S. Smith Services in Jacksonville, FL to have my compressor checked out and replaced. Another sample let me know I had an injector going bad, giving me time to get it replaced at the shop instead of on the road at the mercy of higher costs. Jerry at Gulf Coast Filters responds quickly and finds answers for us at any time. I recommend this system to anyone wanting to save money and costly repairs. Thanks also to John, Marc, Roy and Curt at O.S. Smith Service.


Charles Watson

Hello Guys, I put the Gulf Coast Filter on just after purchasing my truck.  It had 300,000 miles on it at that time.  It now has 1,200,000 miles on it.  It has had no major work done other than head gaskets twice.  As for the Oil Analysis reports, they show no excessive wear and my engine only uses 2 quarts of oil in 10,000 miles.  I would strongly recommend this product and will never have a truck without it.

Barry Simons
Lincoln, NE

I have been very happy with my Gulf Coast Filter.  I have gone 172,300 without an oil change.  So far I have got two “Jerry Calls”.  They both had good results after following his recommendations for repairs.  I can’t imagine the cost I may have had if I were not using this program. Customer service when ordering filters and oil samples has been excellent as well.  I have been very happy overall and recommend it to whoever will listen.  A great big thanks to everyone at Gulf Coast Filters!!

Doug “Dusty” Lugibihi
Eagle, MI

I am excited about using my Gulf Coast Filter and the real peace of mind in knowing what is going on inside my engine.  Thanks GCF!!!

Perry Borntreger
Reed City, MI

I have now put on 387,028 miles without an oil change and without a “Jerry call.”   I run full synthetic Mobile Delvac One oil in my Detroit EGR.

Thanks for such a great product.

Shannon & JoDee Hoffer
Huron, SD

With the demand on motor oils with the new emission engines they need something more than a just a spin on oil filter. My Gulf Coast Filter provides the added protection to help keep my Cat ACERT in top running order by taking the added soot out of the oil, along with the oil sample program I feel it’s the best bypass oil filter on the market.

Tim Sharp
Campbellsville, KY

I purchased the Gulf Coast Filter System in October 2003 for my 2003 KW W-900.  I am proud to say that I have run over 700,000 miles without an oil change on my 600hp C-16 Cat.  I recently sent Jerry a bottle of my oil to show people at trade shows.  Not only do I like the savings on oil changes but having Gulf Coast Filters reading all of my lab reports gives me even more confidence in my engine.  Hopefully in a couple of years I will join the Million Mile No Oil Change Club.

Donald Lustig
Owatowna, MN

1998 Western Star 4964EX
New Detroit Series 60, 12.7L, 500 HP; installed Aug. 2008
Gulf Coast Filter system added at approx. 30,000 mi.

Since I installed the Gulf Coast Filter on my truck, I've gone approximately 150,000 miles without changing the oil (so far). GCF's oil analysis program has kept me up to speed about the condition of my engine's internal component wear and performance, as well as the oil's ability to properly lubricate and protect those components. I was able to watch the break-in of my new engine, and see the level of wear metals balance out to normal specs through the analysis reports that I receive after every service, and GCF's Customer Service is the best in the industry. The fact that I save about $150 bucks a month on maintenance costs doesn't hurt either! Give your engine the opportunity to be 'all that it can be'. Install a Gulf Coast Filter system on your truck!

Scott Bechler
Ida Grove, IA

Ernie Litwiller and Ron Fandel, as of July 14, 2009 combined over 1 million miles without an oil change!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew Allen – Owner of Pepsi Cola in Gulfport, MS

My father started using Gulf Coast Filters on our Pepsi fleet in 1975.  After his retirement I took over our business and am still using Gulf Coast Filters today.  I am proud to say that our company was the first fleet outfitted with your filters and I highly recommend your product.

I've had my Gulf Coast filter on my truck for nearly 5 years now, and I couldn't be more pleased. I know that the inside of my engine is as clean as the outside of my truck. The routine oil samples are proof of that! I have ran 200,000 miles since my last oil change.

As always, a pleasure doing business with you.

Denny Llewellyn, DuBois, PA

Tk# 78, 1994 379 Peterbilt. I haved owned this truck for 2 years. A Gulf Coast Filter was installed before I put it on the road.  I have not had to drain the oil since.  It has a 3406B, 425 HP Cat, 15 over, .370 rears.

Mike Lipham
Southwest Transport
Alvord, TX

Tk#98 2001 379 Peterbilt. I've had this truck a year. The Gulf Coast Filter was put on before I put it on the road. The oil has not been drained. Truck has a C-12 430 HP Cat, 10 speed, & .355 rears.

Mike Lipham
Southwest Transport
Alvord, TX

Tk# 93 2000 T-800 Kenworth. I've had this truck 3 years. The Gulf Coast Filter was put on shortly after. The oil has been drained 1 time since.  Truck has a 3406E 475 HP Cat, 10 speed, & .355 rears.

Mike Lipham
Southwest Transport
Alvord, TX

Tk# 91 2000 International 9200. I have had this truck about a year.  Gulf Coast Filter was put on before I put it on the road. I Have not drained the oil since. Truck has 470 Detroit, 10 speed, & .370 rears.

Mike Lipham
Lipham & Company Inc.
Alvord, TX

Tk# 75 2000 Classic Freightliner. I have had this truck about 3 years. The Gulf Coast Filter was put on before I put it on the road. The oil has not been drained. Truck has 500 HP Detroit, 10 Speed, & .355 rears.

Mike Lipham
Southwest Transport
Alvord, TX

Tk# 73 1980 W900 KW, 50th anniversary "Gold Nugget" edition. 1 of 250 built. I have had this Truck for 5 years. It has had a Gulf Coast filter for 3 years now. Oil drained 1 time. It has NTC 400 Cummins, 13 speed, & .390 rears.

Mike Lipham
Lipham & Company Inc.
Alvord, TX

Tk# 70 1996 379 Peterbilt. I've had this truck for 4 years. It has had a Gulf Coast Filter on it for 3 years. The oil has been drained 2 times. Truck has a 470 Detroit, 15 over, & .370 rears.

Mike Lipham
Lipham & Company Inc.
Alvord, TX

Tk# 24 2000 379 Peterbilt. I have had this truck for nearly 2 years, Gulf Coast was put on before we put it on the road. Oil has not been changed. Truck has C-15 475 HP Cat, 13 Speed, & .355 rears.

Mike Lipham
Lipham & Company Inc.
Alvord, TX

My name is Dick Seyfang and I have been an independent owner operator for thirty-one years. I have always been a maintenance fanatic. The truck that I currently own is a 1996 Kenworth W-900 that I purchased new. It now has 1,155,000 miles on it. When I in-framed her last summer at 1,000,000 miles I decided that she was in such great shape that I would keep her for another ten years at least. I decided that if that was going to be the case that I wanted to do everything possible to prolong her life.  Over the years I have added many aftermarket items to prolong things like tread wear, fuel flow improvers and other things that would help extend the life of my truck. After the rebuild I installed a Gulf coast bypass filter. Now one year later and 140,000 miles I have only changed my oil one time, that was after the break-in of my overhaul. My Gulf coast filter has given me the peace of mind and the protection that will keep my engine in like new condition for a very long time to come.  Installation was simple and every 10,000 miles I change the filter elements, add two gallons of fresh make up oil and it takes me less than a half an hour.  Not only has the Gulf coast filter given me financial freedom but it allows me more time to do the things I like best, spending time with my family, gardening, and my other hobbies.

To the entire Sims family Thank You very much. You are the best.

Richard “Wolfman” Seyfang
Akron, NY

It has been 416,550 miles since my last oil change on my 2003 Peterbilt 379 with a C-15 Cat.  My Semi pulls a Livestock trailer and I installed my Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter in August of 2005.  I believe the Gulf Coast is worth every dollar.  It pays for itself in no time making it well worth the money, also, Jerry’s relationship with his customers is priceless because he is always on top of things.

Ron Fandel
Metamora, IL

My name is Scott and I own a 2007 International 9900.  I purchased my truck new. At 105,000 miles I installed the Gulf Coast filter system to my truck. I have an ISX EGR motor in my truck.  Installation was very easy as I did it myself and I would highly recommend this product.  I have saved hundreds of dollars with this system and I also do my own maintenance on my truck. I then went 125,000 on the first oil change.  Even though all my samples came back good, I still changed the oil. I am at 100,000 miles on my second oil change soot levels are still great. Jerry and his wife always return my phone calls to offer any kind of reassurance I need.

Scott Lee
Lee Transport
Broadlands, Illinois

I LOVE my GCF!  It saves me money on services and it helps to cut down on the waste of a precious resource!  It’s good to be able to buy a USA made product that does the job intended and keeps my engine clean and purring along!
Thank you so much!  I wouldn’t be without my Gulf Coast Filter!!

Rebecca Marlin
Pacer Transport

Randy and I wanted to drop you a short note to let you know about an experience we recently had.  Last month, we took our Kenworth W900L to Tom Nehl Freightliner in Lake City to have an in-frame motor rebuild. 

Let me begin with some background information.  We purchased our truck as a third owner about 3 years ago and it had about 725,000 miles on it.  One of the first things we bought for the truck was the Gulf Coast Filter system.  The truck had 1,138,000 miles on it when we took it in to be overhauled. 

When the mechanics at the garage opened up the motor, they were amazed at what they saw.  The motor had all original parts and they were still in very good condition, almost no wear!  The mechanics there asked us about our oil and the Gulf Coast System.  Randy is the type that religiously changes his oil, filters and does routine preventative maintenance.

Anyways, I also wanted to advise you that for the next few preventative maintenance schedules we will not be sending you oil samples as we are going to take the truck back to Tom Nehl and let them conduct these for us.  This is due to the warranty on the motor and the fact that the break in oil will have high contaminates.

We are firm believers in the product you sell and recommend it to everyone we come across!!  Keep up the great work!

Randy and Kelly Briggs
Lake City, Florida 

Cleaning and polishing is hard work.  But keeping my engine oil clean is easy with The Gulf Coast Bypass Filter System.  And the analysis program gives me peace of mind. I have now ran over 160,000 miles since my last oil change.
Thanks, Jerry!

Kent Dyment
Worcester, MA

Enclosed is a picture of my truck and myself and my oldest son, who was a co-driver then. This was taken when I purchased the truck June 1999. I installed the Gulf Coast filter Dec, 2004 when the truck had over 994000 miles on it .The only work done on the engine, was to replace the turbo and head gasket. I now have 1227621 miles on the truck, replaced the cam shaft and fuel injectors last January. The engine is running fine, and I am not wondering about the condition of my engine. Thank You. That was the best purchase I ever made.

Jerry Stonecipher
Holly, MI

The Gulf Coast filter does an excellent job keeping the engine clean.  Just had overhead done and new oil pan put on; amazing how clean the pan was and mechanic really notices how nice it is to work on the overhead.  The oil just wipes right off clean on a shop rag.  The savings on total oil changes more than pays for itself.  Oil Analysis is a great tool also.  I always know what my engine is doing, and if anything is out of ordinary I can correct or fix it. I now have 251,000 miles on overhaul on Detroit 60 series and gulf coast filter the whole time.

Thanks for a great product. 
Greg Krueger
Alpena, SD

Gulf Coast Filters has helped my bottom line and given me more control over the maintenance of my truck. Jerry and Colleen seem like family and they have treated me that way. It feels great to have partners like Gulf Coast Filters helping me with my business. It has helped having the oil analysis to keep costly surprises at a minimum.

Floyd Carter
Duncan, OK

Your system saves lots of money on oil changes. By constantly keeping my oil clean, it increases the life of my engine. In addition, by taking regular oil samples, I can be forewarned about any problem in my engine. Jerry and Colleen are great people to do business with. Thank you Gulf Coast Filters!
Dennis Sorrell
Myrtle, MO

In my opinion, the best part about the program is the oil analysis.  I intend to put a lot of miles on this truck and I intend to do it with the help of the Gulf Coast Filter.

Dave Crowder
(The Last Mohican)

Anytime I call in with questions, they are answered quickly and in a way I can understand. Someone is always ready and willing to help when I need an answer. I am very impressed with your filtration system. I have it on my Kenworth T-600 with a C-15 Cat. I have over 410,000 miles without an oil change. All my samples look good. I firmly believe in the system. I hope to never get the "Jerry Call".

Bryan Gadfield
Butler, Ohio

I’ve been using the Gulf Coast Filter for 3 years now, I’m old school and I was extremely skeptical in the beginning. All I can say now is It’s the best money I’ve spent in 35 years of trucking. I tell everyone I see about it and how glad I am in knowing that Jerry will call me if something is wrong with my oil sample. I have now gone 300,000 miles without an oil change.

Kelly Lackey
Lamar, MO

We are running the Gulf Coast Filters on our fleet of Kenworths hauling cattle. All of our engines are the new Cummins EGR’s. Not only does the Gulf Coast Filter save us a substantial amount of money on oil changes but we know they are keeping an eye on our oil samples and will let us know when there is a potential problem. We are very happy with their program and we would not run our expensive engines without them.

Jim Braner
Braner Truck Line
Jacksonville, IL

I would like to thank Gulf Coast Filters for not only saving me a substantial amount of money on oil changes, but also tracking my oil analysis and letting me know what is going on inside my engine. I purchased my 2001 Mack with every option available. I try to stay on top of technology and ways that can improve the operation and maintenance of my truck. I have ran over 250,000 miles so far without an oil change and have all the copies of my lab reports letting me know the condition of not only the oil but my engine.

Thanks again for a great product and your outstanding service.

Amy and Scott “Scooter” White
Verona, WI

I installed my Gulf Coast Filter in May of 2005 on my 2005 Freightliner Classic with a Detroit EGR. I have run my engine over 100,000 miles without an oil change which is unheard of for an EGR Engine. I told Jerry when I bought the filter that I have been trucking for over 45 years and I talk to a lot of people, so if this product doesn’t do what you say you are in big trouble. I have not only run the Gulf Coast Filter long enough to know it works as good as they advertise, I’ve also become great friends with Everyone there. I not only endorse this product, I swear by it!!! I would not run my engine without it.

Thank you for the Gulf Coast Filter and tell your Cajun Wife Colleen I said hello.

Johnnie “PigPen” Turner
Phenix City, AL

I’ve had the Gulf Coast Filter on my 2003 Pete for 350,000 miles. I have done 3 oil changes on my Cat during this time and I am completely satisfied with this product. I think it is something every owner operator should have. I talk to people all the time about this filter and let them know how much money I save on oil changes.

Thank you for your product and great customer service,

Tom Zaruba
Oxford Junction, IA

Thanks so much for meeting us with the filters that we needed. When I bought my truck new I also purchased a 700,000 warranty on the engine. I decided to go a step further and get Gulf Coast Filters. When I decided to have them installed was right after the hurricane of 2005. I felt good about putting money back in the economy in Mississippi. Our oil samples have been coming back way under the limits. I feel good about extending my engine life 2 or 3 times. I have now ran 330,000 miles without an oil change.

We sleep well at night-thanks for the peace of mind!
Harry & Kathleen Prior
Karaoke Man & Kathy Rose

I installed my Gulf Coast Filter when my Pete 379 was new at 50,000 miles. I now have over 388,000 miles on my 2003 Cat and I’ve changed oil twice. I did not buy the Gulf Coast Filter to save on oil changes, I bought it to protect my engine and I know that Gulf Coast is monitoring my oil analysis at all times.

I believe that the Gulf Coast Filter is the best investment that I have made for my truck.

Gary Diaz
Homosassa, FL

We purchased our Gulf Coast Filter System a couple of years ago. We had heard about it on the Dave Nemo show. Next we did a little more research and decided that it would be a great product to prolonging our engine life. The cost of the equipment; being what it is today we need to be aware of what's going on with it. The oil testing keeps us informed to possible problems.

We bought a new T600 Kenworth with a Cummins ISX in October 2005 and moved the Gulf Coast Filter in November. We plan to run this truck for quite some time. Dianne and I mainly run from Wisconsin to the West Coast, thus we put on a lot of miles. We believe the Gulf Coast Filter is going to save us in possible breakdowns and will enable us to run our equipment longer, which at our age will allow to put more money in the bank and not in repairs and payments.

We recommend Gulf Coast Filters to owner-operators. The people at Gulf Coast Filters are great to work with.

Thanks Jerry.

Larry & Dianne Headington
Decorah, IA

I am extremely pleased with my decision to install the Gulf Coast Filter, not only do I have the assurance the blood in my cat is staying cleaner I’m saving a few coins along the way! I have now run over 234,000 miles without an oil change and my fuel soot level is still 0.2.

God Bless,

Glenn Carpenter
Tyler, TX  

The best thing about the Gulf Coast Filter is the peace of mind of having the extra protection by keeping my engine that much cleaner. I have around 340,000 without an oil change. Thanks Jerry for making my job a lot easier.

Richard Johnson
Kennedy, MN

“Here are a few photos of my 2000 KW with the Gulf Coast filter. It has been on this truck about 200.000 mi, and was on my previous truck which was a 1991 KW for over a million miles. I purchased it from your dad, and it was probably the single best investment I have ever made for my truck.

Carlisle, AR 

“I like the product because it did what they claimed it would do, this day and time people make claims to try and sell their product but we all know many times they don’t work, the Gulf Coast Filter did exactly what it claimed and their oil analysis helped me find problems I didn’t know I had, I ran my 1998 Detroit over 260,000 miles without an oil change!”

Algie Beard
Concord, NH 

“We now have gone over 430,000 miles without an oil change with our Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter. The savings on oil is great, but we are more concerned about protecting our $25,000 engine and knowing that Gulf Coast Filters will call us if we ever have a bad oil sample.”

Bob and Shelley Brinker
Award Winning Show Truck “Legend of the Black Pearl”

“I have had my Gulf Coast Filter on my '04 Peterbilt C15 for 400,000 miles. I never have changed the oil, and when I have the overhead run, the mechanic comments on how clean the motor is. I know why!”
David Mawson
Jacksonville, IL 

I have gone 346,000 miles without an oil change on a 1999 Peterbilt with a 60 Series Detroit. By far I believe that this is the best bypass filter on the market, with the oil sample program that is offered along with the filter you always know what is going on inside your motor. If you want to work with the best, you definitely need to get a Gulf Coast Bypass filter.

Scott Rogers
Fikes Truckline
Evansville, IL

“We chose the Gulf Coast Filter because it saves us money. By using the Gulf Coast System it’s so much cheaper. We also like how you send us the oil analysis report. Everyone we have spoken to is always so friendly and polite and we appreciate that. We thank you for your great service.”

Linda and Butch Neighoff
Falling Waters, WV

“We really are impressed with the bypass filter. I Figure we could get another 800,000 - 900,000 miles out of the engine since we put it on just after the inframe overhaul. Thanks for such a wonderful product.”

Shannon and JoDee Hoffer
The Mighty Heifer and Sweet Cheeks

“The filter is the way to go if you want to run your engine a long time. I love the system and oil sample service, I now can understand the results. Last year I stopped by to visit Gulf Coast Filters and jerry rubbed some of my oil off the dipstick on his hands and noticed it left a light stain of his fingertips, he told me to have my charge air cooler checked because with a stock 460HP N-14 Cummins with their filter system the oil should always wipe off clean, he told me I had too much soot. I later had the air cooler checked and it was bad, Jerry determined this without even seeing an oil sample so instead of getting the “Jerry Call” I got the “Jerry wipe”, pretty cool.”

Daniel Stoltzfus
Parkesburg, PA 

“I would like to make a comment on Gulf Coast Filters. I have a 2001 MACK E-tech engine. I put the filter on @ 480,000 miles. The engine had a lot of sludge build up on the top side of the engine. I now have 655,000 miles and had the valve covers off. The top side of the engine was clean, no sludge, you can even see the serial numbers on the engine brake without any trouble. It is the second best investment I made; the best was buying XM satellite radio...”

Randy Rockhold
Amarillo, TX 

“We, as independent owners, cannot express our gratitude for being introduced to your company. We first heard about Gulf Coast Oil Filters on the Dave Nemo Show and listened to many testimonials about your product. We were finally convinced at the Mid-America Truck Show last year to purchase the system. We could not be happier with our decision to purchase the Gulf Coast Oil Filter System for our truck. All of our oil sample tests have been returned with high grades. The high grades that the tests are receiving make us feel very confident with our decision to use the Gulf Coast Oil Filters. Each year we review and analyze many products that help us to improve the performance of the truck. The whole point is to spend money wisely and improve performance. We consider your system the most conscientious improvement we have made this year. As of May 2008 I have ran 260,000 miles without an oil change.

Bob Radimaker & Kathy Radloff
Sterling Heights, MI 

“This 1985 MARMON is my pride and joy. My truck is in original condition and I like the Gulf Coast Filter System because it will help keep this truck on the road for the next 20 years. I got my Gulf Coast Filter at the Mid America Truck show and installed it 2 weeks later, it was easy to install with the installation kit. The first time I changed the Gulf Coast Filter I was very impressed with the amount of fuel soot the filter hauled out, I took my filters and drained them in a white bucket, I then took a screwdriver and wrote my name in the sludge in the bottom of the bucket, that’s a lot of soot.”

Jim “HANDLEBAR” Randall
Rochester, MN 

“Skeptical?? Of course you are, so was I!!!
I found out about an Owner Operator here in Lakeland, FL, and after talking to him I decided to install a Gulf Coast By-Pass Oil Filter on my 2001 Western Star with a Detroit 550/575. I installed the Gulf Coast System on May 2, 2005 at 679,898. I had to be towed due to a bad turbo on October 13, 2005 with 783,122 miles on my truck; the towing company busted my oil pan, so of course new oil and filters were put in. My truck now has 863,250 miles with only the one oil change and my oil analysis is still good.” As of July 2008 I have ran 314,000 with no oil change.

Keith Runyon
CJM Transportation
Lakeland, FL

Hi Jerry, Here are some pictures of my truck and filter. I’ve got 540,000 miles with no oil change and still going strong. I’ve been taking an oil sample every 15,000 mi. So far the results have been GREAT!!! soot and everything else is looking good. This filter WORKS !


Ernie Litwiller
East Peoria,IL 

“I am very happy with the initial analysis reports. I also enjoy showing my mechanic and others the cleanliness of my oil compared to other units with this mileage.”

Chris Ebben
Appleton, WI 

“I've been using the Gulf Coast Filter for a couple of years now and it has improved my bottom line greatly! You won't find a better bypass filter or finer folks to work with. I've got a '97 Pete with a 34O6 Cat with over one million miles on it.”

Elbert Morehouse
Corinth, MS 

I have right at 100,000 miles on the truck since installing your Gulf Coast Filter system. The truck has 1million, 1hundred, twenty thousand miles on it. It is a 1997 379 extended hood Pete with the original 430/470 Detroit engine and 10 speed transmission. I tell everyone the Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter system is the best investment I have made to the truck. It saves me a minimum $100 per month just in oil changes, which are practically non existent any more. I really love the monthly oil analysis I receive as well as the benefit of professionals reading it and monoriting the engine for early detection of worn parts that otherwise are quite costly when they go out, taking something else with them, and without warning. Lastly, I Plan to keep this truck for many years, and this filter system will certainly help as the engine life is greatly enhanced.

Thank you for all your help and a truly great product!
Randy Daniels
dbaJranz Trucking LLC

“I was unaware of an engine problem. Gulf Coast spotted it and notified me immediately. They saved my engine!!! Love my Gulf Coast Filter and wouldn’t be without it.”

Richard Layng Sr.
Hooks, TX

Jerry Sims and Gulf Coast Filters have gone out of their way to answer any question I have and help increase my fuel economy and performance. With .01 or so Copper in my oil sample at 775,000 miles on my original bottom end bearings, the bottom end alone should pass 1,000,000 miles before replacement.

Frank Gardner
Cheyenne, WY 

My name is Chad Ackerson. I'm the proud owner of a 1999 Ford F250 Diesel Pickup with 285,000 miles on it. Your filter system has proven to me that it is worth every penny. I can go 5,000 miles and every time I check my oil it looks clean and clear. I recently spent more time on the road than usual and didn't change my oil for 20,000 miles. When I sent my Titan Laboratories kit in, it was returned and the reading was 0.0 soot levels! The oil was darkened, but not black. Thanks to your Filter System, I'm not afraid to put more miles on my F250. See you at 1,000,000 +++!!!

Sincerely, Chad Ackerson
Desert Hot Springs, CA

I think your filter system should come stock on every truck out there. It has saved me money and time from going to the lube shop and waiting in line to get my oil changed. Now I change my own filters and grease my own truck for less than 50.00 dollars total. After I’m done I take the used oil and put it right in my fuel tank, because the oil is clean. You guy's at gulf coast are really good people, when I came in and bought your filter system it was right after one of the big hurricane's and Jerry came down to the flying J in Gulfport and delivered the filter system to me and just gave it to me with out even paying for it right away, thank you.

Michael Babian
Casper, WY

Thanks for a great filter setup, I love this thing!!!

Rob Courtier
Cheyenne, WY

I’m VERY pleased with the performance of the Gulf Coast Filter and am amazed at the results every time I change the filters. My engine runs smooth with improved fuel mileage. I’ll never have a truck without it. The analysis is one of the most useful tools any truck owner could have. Just had the truck in for a minor repair and the mechanic could not believe how clean everything was. Thank you for the wonderful service and support.

Perry Cotrell
S&P Trucking
Irvington, AL

I have 320,000 miles on this truck with no oil change. This is the second truck I’ve had the filter on, it has a C-15 Cat ACERT 550, and is a 2004 Pete 379. It’s paid for itself by not changing oil and the oil analysis is real helpful. I love my Gulf Coast Filter, keep up the good work!!

Mike Currier
Sioux Falls, SD

Here’s an update on our truck. As you know it’s a 1999 Freightliner FLD-120 with a 460 Cummins N-14. It has 819,607 miles on it. I have run 250,000 miles without an oil change thanks to your filter. I am very impressed with your product. The installation kit that came with it really impressed me. It was very complete and all quality parts, which really gives me peace of mind. My latest sample came back 0.8 Soot Level. It also acts as an oil cooler. It’s already hot under the hood without adding anything else that gives off heat, the Gulf Coast is mounted outside and helps dissipate heat which helps lower our oil temperature. All I can say is your product is super-super-super!! You have my permission to use all or any part of this letter for advertising purposes. As of July 2008 I have ran 370,000 mile without an oil change.

Thanks again,

Merlin R. Monson
Tripoli, WI

I have been using the gulf coast filter since Oct. 2004 and it has been an excellent addition to my overall maintenance program. I have changed my oil only 3 times since then and I can go around 100,000 to 120,000 miles between changes. The oil sample program is key to an overall maintenance strategy. The “Jerry call” as Dave Nemo puts it helped me to figure out my turbo was about to go and resulted in less overall damage to the engine. I have a 2000 International 9900i with 825,000 miles on the Cummins N-14 in it. My samples come back with minimal wear levels and aside from possibly putting injectors in I have no plans of needing an overhaul anytime soon. My gulf coast filter has paid for itself a few times.

Mark Bartelt
Monroe, WI

On or about Jan. 4, 2004 I had you all install my Gulf Coast Filter. In July of 2005 I got the dreaded “Jerry Call”. Jerry told me to check my charge air cooler, injectors and the turbo. I had the injectors installed by a private shop and they installed them improperly. After these repairs were made correctly I have not changed my oil again, this is from Aug. 2005 thru Oct. 2006 on my 1998 Detroit.

I have found that my Gulf Coast Filter and my APU are my two biggest money makers that I have added to my 1998 International.


Motor Doctor/LittleBit & Puddles
E.D. Van Riper


Just wanted to let you know that I think the Gulf Coast Filter System is the best thing ever invented. It saves me time and money, and I feel better knowing you analyze my oil and anticipate engine problems I could experience. Thanks to you and your company.

Keep up the good work!!

David Holloway
Owner Operator

Keep a lookout for Howard and the Gulf Coast Filter Kenworth.  If you ever see it, flag him down and he will be glad to show you not only the Gulf Coast Bypass Oil Filter but also his dipstick.


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