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Extending Engine Life for over 30 Years
     Gulf Coast Filters has over 30 years experience in the filtration industry, with the president of the company over 28 years. We specialize in Bypass Oil Filters, Fuel Filter/Water Separators, Hydraulic Filters, as well as Custom Filtration Systems for the US Military.  Our filters have been tested by NASA, Shell Offshore, North Carolina Department of Transportation, US Air Force, and many customers seeking the finest filtration products on the market.  The Gulf Coast Filter is specified on all new heavy diesel equipment for North Carolina Department of Transportation.
   United Space Alliance specifies Gulf Coast Filters for many new pieces of equipment being used by NASA at Kennedy Space Center.  The US Army National Guard has purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Gulf Coast Filters for environmental applications over the past 10 years.  We have spent thousands of hours monitoring oil analysis reports and helping our customers achieve the maximum life out of their engines.

The secret to longer engine life and extended oil change intervals is quite simple, keep the oil in new to near new quality at all times.  Factory oil filters are not designed to purify the oil but mainly to filter all the oil at a high rate before it gets to the precision engine parts requiring lubrication, and by having such a high flow rate is unable to trap the microscopic particles that enter the oil.   The Gulf Coast Filter is a bypass filter and cleans the oil at only 2 quarts a minute flow rate allowing the microscopic particles to become trapped in the dense element.  The element also removes moisture, the key ingredient for acid.  The additives in your oil are there to combat the contamination and hold it in suspension until the oil is changed.  The Gulf Coast Filter removes the majority of microscopic contamination and therefore your additives have little to combat against and are not depleted.  When you change the Gulf Coast Filter you will add new make up oil to an already clean sump of oil that insures your oil is within new to near new oil quality guidelines at all times.  Where’s the proof?  Gulf Coast Filters tracked a 1990 Peterbilt with a 425 HP Series 60 Detroit for over 1 million miles with only 1 unnecessary oil change and no overhaul.  The first oil change was at 19,000 miles (break-in); the second was at 250,000 when a leaking oil pan gasket was replaced.  One of our customers, Pepsi Cola of Gulfport, MS has been running Gulf Coast Filters for over 20 years on their fleet while not changing oil and getting longer life from their engines.  Our goal at Gulf Coast Filters is very simple, save our customers an average of 70% on oil changes and allow them to run their engine many more miles between overhauls.  Gulf Coast Filters offers an oil analysis program to our customers in which we keep a file and monitor your oil samples for you giving you the peace of mind that you know what is going on inside your expensive engine. The Gulf Coast Filter has a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials for the original owner, and a 100% money back guarantee on up to 6 units if you are not totally satisfied (See your dealer for details).


u        TRUCKING - The average owner operator spends over $200.00 to change oil in their truck, the average Gulf Coast Filter user spends about $45.00 to change the Gulf Coast Filter and add the make up oil.  If the average owner operator were to keep their truck 5 years, they could save over $4200.00 using the Gulf Coast Filter. 

u        MARINE – If you own a diesel powered pleasure boat chances are you spend in excess of $300.00 to have your oil changed.  A typical Gulf Coast Filter user spends only $45.00 to service our filter and add the make-up oil.  Not only can we save you a substantial amount of money on oil changes, but we also save you the room of having to carry all of that extra oil when making long voyages.

Gulf Coast Filters Oil Analysis Program

Gulf Coast Filters developed this program to give our customers the peace of mind of knowing the condition of their oil and eliminating any “guessing” of when to change their oil.  We monitor your oil analysis reports and let you know when an oil change is needed.  Gulf Coast Filters uses Titan Laboratories for all of our oil samples.  Titan is a very prestigious laboratory and offers us a great deal of information on the report and also consistency.  How do you become a member?  Click here for details


If you are the owner of a diesel engine, you will one day have to deal with contaminated fuel problems.  If you are a boat owner, you probably already have.  Engines can run on dirty oil, but dirty fuel will shut you down and when this happens hopefully you will be in calm seas with plenty of time to deal with it.  You are well aware of the consequences of stalled engines in a critical situation.  Gulf Coast Filters manufactures the finest fuel water separator on the market.  Our fuel filter contains a water separator with a 64 oz capacity and a massive sub-micron filter element that will hold substantial amounts of contamination.  These two features will allow you to run longer between filter changes.  We also offer a electronic water indicator.  Why should you have to go down in the engine room and take the time to check your fuel bowl, which in many cases is dirty with limited visibility?  Install our system and the indicator light will let you know when to drain the water.  Have you ever had to take apart a fuel bowl on a water separator for maintenance?  Did you have the right size wrench?  Did you drop a bolt down in the bilge and not have a spare?  With the Gulf Coast Filter all you do is reach down in the filter and pull out the fuel baffle, wipe it off and put it back with no tools.  Other features include a filter housing that is extremely heavy-duty and built to last the life of your equipment, no gasket change every service, and a patented non-cross threading lid assembly.


Pleasure boats often set for long periods of time allowing algae and other contamination to grow in the tanks, and when the boat is used the fuel begins moving around and clogging filters.  Dirty fuel and water contamination can cause the following problems:  Bad injectors, rusty fuel tanks, and poor engine performance.  Gulf Coast Filters offers a fuel polishing system that will continue to circulate your fuel while the boat is setting at the dock, giving you peace of mind before heading on your next trip.  When you are ready to use the boat you can switch back over from polishing to full flow for running your engines.  Since 1990, the U.S. Army National Guard has used Gulf Coast Filters to polish fuel in the M-1 Tanks.  The M-1’s also set for long periods of time giving them the same problems as the pleasure boats.

Jerry Sims of Gulf Coast Filters has spent over 10 years helping the Army National Guard keep the fuel in the M-1 Abrams Tank clean so that their tanks can be “ready to rumble”

A3.JPG (177627 bytes)

Photo of GCF Fuel Polishing System for the U.S. Army National Guard
The U.S. Army National Guard has 18 of these units in operation throughout the nation.



  Jim Sims
Vice President of Manufacturing, has been instrumental in helping Gulf Coast Filters in design and engineering.  Jim has over 20 years experience in the filtration industry, but has also learned just about every possible installation procedure for our filters on all types of diesel engines.  He has built many of the custom fuel polishing systems for the Army National Guard, and personally trained their personnel on how to use them.



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