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Utilizing Complete Oil Analysis: 

{Picture: “Complete Laboratory Analysis with Long Term Trending” – pg 14} 

Even though one is utilizing a portable oil quality analyzer, we strongly suggest that you utilize the benefits of Complete Laboratory Used Oil Analysis. We suggest that Spectrographic Lab analysis be used to confirm problems detected by the portable oil analysis program. Also, other Lab samples should be taken on your equipment on a periodic basis for the purpose of obtaining information for long term trending of equipment condition. The interval at which lab samples are to be taken will be determined by equipment runtime hours, severe-duty application, and many other factors. In many cases, only one routine sample per year will be necessary. 

The type of lab analysis that we recommend consists of full spectrographic analysis of 6 wear metals, silicon, and 13 additives. Also, physical tests should include viscosity, SAE grade, Fuel Soot, Water, Fuel Dilution, Anti-Freeze and, last but not least, TBN (Total Base Number). 

We recommend that you choose a reputable laboratory with numerous references. One other very important point is that once you select a particular lab, stay with it. Do not try to utilize two or three different labs for analysis on your fleet. Each laboratory’s equipment will vary and therefore, you will obtain different readings on the same equipment. 

Cost Savings

The cost savings of this program can be immense and quickly realized. When utilized on equipment, such as DOT uses, from the small gasoline engines to the largest diesel applications, the UF By-Pass filter program has shown to be extremely cost effective. In most cases, return on investment is less than one year, when employing an “indefinite” oil drain interval. The following is an example of just how fast the payback would be on a fleet of “dump trucks.” 

Let’s take a fleet of 100 dump trucks that have an oil drain interval of once a month or 5000 mils. We will use the cost to perform a routine monthly oil drain on each piece of equipment at approximately $50.00, to include lube oil, factory full flow filters and labor. It would cost $60,000.00 each year to maintain the lube oil within the 100 trucks. This $60,000.00 is just to maintain the lube oil, none of this expense includes complete laboratory oil analysis or any of its benefits, or disposal costs for the waste oil. 

Using GCF By-Pass filters, the monthly cost to maintain the lube oil in the same 100 trucks would be approximately $7.50 each, which includes a GCF replacement filter element, oil and labor. Also, each truck would require a maximum of two factory full flow filter changes in one year at a total cost of $18.50, for the two full flow filters, oil and labor. Now, lets throw in 150 laboratory used oil samples per year at a cost of $8.00 each. For a total yearly expense on the same 100 trucks under this new program, we total up the following: The yearly cost of servicing the By-Pass filters ($9,000.00), two factory full flow filter changes each year ($1,850.00) and 150 oil samples ($1,200.00) and you get a grand total of $12,050.00. 

The cost to retrofit a dump truck with the By-Pass filter, all parts necessary for the installation and labor costs, would run approximately $375.00 for each truck. For the total 100 trucks it would cost approximately $37,500.00. The charts shown on the following page quickly shows that the return on investment for this fleet would be less than 10 months or, if by mileage, less than 50,000 miles. Also, a yearly savings of $47,950.00 or 79% would be seen each year. 


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