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Pepsi Cola Distributor of Gulfport - This letter was sent to GCF, Inc in Gulfport:

“Our company has used your filters for over twenty years now.  We started with about ten filters in 1975 and now have well over a hundred working on our engines, automatic transmissions, forklifts, pick-ups, cars, route trucks, and our over-the-road tractors.  In addition, Gulf Coast filter banks are on our diesel pumps and clean all the fuel before it goes into the vehicles.

 We have Datsun forklifts with over 20,000 hours without an oil change and several of our GMC gas route trucks have gone well over 200,000 miles without engine overhauls or oil changes.

 The bottom line is this:  We maintain a fleet of close to 100 vehicles with only three maintenance men.  We service our fleet once a month for pennies instead of dollars.  Our vehicles are on the road earning their keep, instead of in the shop for expensive engine work.  In addition, our inventory of factory engine filters is nil, since we change them only once per year on the gas engines and every 25-50,000 miles on the diesels.

 Gulf Coast filters go on every new vehicle we buy.  I don’t ever intend to put up with routine oil changes and so-called average engine life again!” 

Drew Allen, President
Allen Beverages, Inc.
dba Pepsi Cola Distributor of Gulfport

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