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Some companies only guarantee to double your oil change interval.  Just how cost effective is a filter that can only guarantee for you to change your oil at twice your normal interval.  For customers enrolled in the Gulf Coast Filter Oil Analysis Program, we guarantee to eliminate routine oil changes period.  We use the term “routine” meaning your current oil change interval.  When using the Gulf Coast Filter, the only time you would ever change oil is when the oil analysis recommended it.  Many of our customers have gone hundreds of thousands of miles with no oil changes using our program.  One customer, Pepsi Cola of Gulfport Ms, has a Peterbilt that has now ran over "1 million miles with only 1 oil change,."  This truck has been on the Gulf Coast Filter Oil Analysis Program since break-in and is still on the road today.  Before you purchase a bypass oil filter, ask the company to provide you with documentation dating back over 20 years proving their product can eliminate oil changes on any type of engine.

Please click onMeet some of our customersfor examples.   The purpose of the Gulf Coast Filter Oil Analysis Program is for us to monitor your oil samples for you.  We keep a file on your engine and let you know if any action is ever needed.  The Gulf Coast Filter Oil Analysis Program is offered to our customers for only $19.50 per sample.  

Click  onGulf Coast Filters Oil Analysis” for details.

All Gulf Coast Filters Filtration Housings carry a 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty for the original user. (Warranty does not include paint or finish) Gulf Coast Filters also offers a full 100% satisfaction guarantee on up to 6 units for all our filtration products.

It should be noted that many of our users are not changing oil without oil analysis or by using their own oil analysis program.  We recommend our program to customers who would like our company to track their oil analysis for convenience and consistency. 


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