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Wear Reduction Field Results Using UF By-Pass Filters: 

Extending lube oil drains can be highly cost effective and reduce downtime significantly. However, there is another huge benefit that comes along with less contamination in an engine – Wear Reduction! 

Consider these facts: 

  1. Over 80% of normal wear generated within an engine is contributed to contamination that the factory full flow filter allows to pass. 
  2. The majority of the solid contamination generated within engines is below 10 microns in size. 
  3. The best factory full flow filters available are only efficient in controlling particles 15 microns and larger. If you do the quick math on this one, you can see why one needs to add UF By-Pass filters in order to reduce normal wear and thereby extend the life of the equipment. It is a simple concept that if you run engines on clean oil 100% of the time, they will last longer. 

Utilizing UF By-Pass filters to remove Soot and other abrasive solid contamination will drastically reduce wear. Furthermore, with oxidation, nitration and acid formation held in check, further wear reduction can be realized. In the majority of cases wear is reduced a minimum of 25% - 50%. In cases where equipment is operating in adverse environmental conditions, such as dusty conditions, wear reductions up to 400% have been common. The fact that UF By-Pass filters drastically reduce wear has been well documented by SAE. 

One of the primary benefits when utilizing UF By-Pass filtration is wear reduction. As mentioned before, the factory full flow filter is designed to perform a protecting job, in that it removes large particles that could damage vital parts. The full flow filter does little to reduce “Normal” wear within the engine. The vast majority of solid contamination generated within the engine is below  10 microns in size. As shown below, the full flow filter is only capable of controlling 15 micron and up particles. The10-micron and smaller microscopic particles are too small for the full flow filter to remove. Once introduced to the lubrication system, it is the job of the oil to suspend these tiny particles within the additive package, until it can be drained away at your expense. However, while this abrasive contamination is within the oil, it tends to “sandpaper” away at bearings, cams, and other engine parts, causing the “Normal Wear.” UF By-Pass filters are capable of removing and controlling particles within the 1 to 5 micron and smaller range. By using UF By-Pass filtration, extended engine life can be accomplished.  

Shell Oil, as with every user of UF By-Pass filters, has experienced wear reduction and extended engine life.


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