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Here is what some of our customers have to say about the Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System.

“I wanted to share with you some pictures of my yacht and how I installed your GCF Fuel Polishing System kit in the restricted space available on most non commercial vessels.  My yacht is a 1972 Hatteras Yacht Fish model 58 feet in length.  It is one of the 15 foot 10 inch bean width vessels, which Hatteras produced starting in 1969.  My engines are Detroit Diesel 8V71Ts and I think most of the Hatteras 15-10 vessels were originally equipped with Detroit Diesels.  My wife and I live aboard at the Gangplank Marina in Washington DC very near the Jefferson Memorial and our view of the Washington Monument and 4th of July fireworks is just about perfect right in our slip.  On the 58 foot, I have three fuel tanks totaling out at nearly 1000 gallons.  As it is now, your GCF polishing system takes out the crud that builds up in the tanks over the winter months while holding me down to a single 2 micron primary fuel filter change per spring/summer.  Here in the DC area, a single commercial fuel polishing session would have cost me twice as much as your GCF kit and tank cleaning would have cost 5 times as much plus a disposal cost on the old fuel that was nearly as much per gallon as buying new fuel. Overall, your kit has met my needs perfectly.  I'll keep you posted on the 2004 season results.”

Phillip B Stiles

Image below:  Phillip Stiles Hatteras with Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System

"Some info:  The boat is a 1984 44'  Marine Trader with two 250 gallon diesel tanks.  One of these also feeds the 8kw Westerbeke generator. There is only 3ft. of headroom in the engine room and the filter is mounted on the back bulkhead.  Since the floor does not lift out directly above the filter we had to provide a way for the filter housing to be leaned forward so the filter could be replaced.  We used two 2" square aluminum tubes and two 2" square flat aluminum pieces so we could hinge the entire housing.  We put a small piece of chain on to hold the housing in place when lowered.  Now I can easily change the filter whenever necessary.  With the shut off valves we installed I can polish the tanks individually making sure the fuel being polished is returned to the same tank it came from.  I like to polish each tank about 12 hours after filling up.  I'll also polish the tanks for about 4 hours periodically to make sure no water has formed in the tank or any material rocked loose from the bottom of the tank."

"I couldn't be happier with my Gulf Coast Filter.  It works perfectly and the people at Gulf Coast have been great to deal with.”

Mike Coble

Image below:  Mike Coble’s Marine Trader with Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System.


"I purchased the Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System because I wanted to make sure that when I use my boat the tanks would be free from condensation and algae.  My boat sits for long periods of time and I know what grows in fuel.  The Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System is a great product and I am very happy with its (bullet proof) design."

Robert Mainini

Image below:  Bob Mainini’s Grand Banks with Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System.

The system is great!!!

Manley H. Hart

Image Below:  Manley Hart’s trawler with Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System.

“As we discussed, we have two of your filters on Sassy Lady. I originally set them up in line with the other filters (a Dahl and the engine mounted Detroit filter, however the lift pump on the Detroit Diesel (J and T 6-71 TI) is not strong enough so I  re-plumbed them to be strictly fuel polishing filters. I run them 12 hours at a time with the pumps purchased from you at the same time the filters were purchased. I use wind-up mechanical timers but am considering programmable timers.  The fuel is drawn from the two main tanks, sent through the Gulf Coast filters, and returned to the tanks. I usually run them for 12 hours once or twice a week. Since I have installed the two Gulf Coast Filters, (about 200 hours) I have not changed the primary Dahl filters. Prior to having the fuel polishing system on board, I had primary filter blockages at 50 to 60 hours. The Dahl filters are difficult and messy to change, so I really appreciate getting more hours out of them. Your filters are excellent for removing the dirt and algae that builds up in the tanks. I really think they are an excellent product.”

Captain Bryant Sewall    BestTexas

Image below:  The Sassy Lady Charter Boat equipped with Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System.


“I have the Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing Systems on each of my 1150-gallon tanks aboard my 65’ Trawler.  I am totally satisfied with this system.  I make many trips to the Bahamas and it is such a nice feeling knowing that my fuel is clean before leaving the dock.  I have my system set up to clean my fuel while my boat is sitting at the dock and the Racors installed on my engines stay clean all the time.  I would highly recommend Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing Systems to anyone wanting to stay a step ahead of fuel problems.”

Tom Sawyer
Gulfport, MS   Image Below:  Tom Sawyer’s trawler heading to the Bahamas using Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing Systems


“Our boat was built in 1983 and has twin Volvo TMD40 diesels and Westebeke diesel generator.  The Gulf Coast Filter has worked great polishing and cleaning the fuel.”

Reid Gantt
Atlantic 30 LRC

Image below:  Reid’s trawler Equipped with Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing Systems.

"I purchased my Gulf Coast Filter System (for my Grand Banks 42 Classic) two years ago and assembled and installed it myself  (between the supply from the tanks and the Racors.) It's an outstanding system.....Racors stay almost clean "as a whistle" and get changed only once a year as part of seasonal decommissioning in the fall."  

Name:  Robert F. Preti  (Bob) Boat: Grand Banks '42  "ZEPHYR"

Image below:  Robert's superb installation on his ’42 Grand Banks

Why do our customers choose the Gulf Coast Fuel Polishing System over the competition?

The statement “Bigger is Better” definitely makes sense when it comes to diesel fuel contamination.  The Gulf Coast Filter is the biggest, bad’dest Fuel Water Separator on the market.  When you see the massive 1-pound  replacement element and the 64 oz Water Separator you can see how one of our customers coined the phrase “ the mother of all fuel filters”.  Here are some of the features that make the Gulf Coast Filter a cut above the competition. 

1.  Below 1- micron filtration – Our filter has been proven to remove lamp black particles down to .07 microns or in other words cigarette smoke size particles.

2.  Computerized electronic water sensor – This unit can be wired to a warning light in the pilothouse to let you know when you take on a load of water.  This is the 21st century, why should you have to crawl around in the bilge to try to look through a bowl, which in many cases is stained with limited visibility? 

3.  No tools required to clean fuel baffle – Have you ever removed a bowl from a water separator and could not find the right size tools or dropped a screw down in the bilge, hopefully if this happens you will be in calm seas with plenty of time to find a spare.  With the Gulf Coast Filter all you do is reach in the filter housing and pull out the removable baffle and wipe it off with no tools needed.  

4.  We know the secret to keeping fuel tanks clean 100% of the time -  We found out over 20 years ago that to help keep algae growth down to a minimum the fuel has to be kept dry. The moisture in the fuel tanks is what combines with oxygen and contamination to accelerate growth.  You can use water traps and standard filtration, but if you do not have an element that can dry the fuel and keep the moisture down you will eventually have algae problems. The reason many of the large diesel engines in over the road trucks do not have fuel problems is because they move such a large volume of fuel. The fuel doesn’t stay in the tank long enough to form the algae.  The secret to clean fuel in your boat is keeping your fuel moving by routine polishing, and using a system that can not only trap particles but also physically dry the fuel.

5.  Built to last – The Gulf Coast Filter Model F-1 is a 36-pound bulletproof product made in the USA with good old American US Steel.  We have customers that have used the same filter housing for over 20 years. 

6.  Experience – Gulf Coast Filters has over 20 years experience in fuel filtration.  Our filter systems were chosen over all other brands by the US Army National Guard to be used in custom fuel polishing systems to clean fuel in their 3 million dollar M-1 Abrams Tanks.

There are many products out there to choose from, some use gadgets that claim results, others use standard filtration that many boaters have used as primary filters and are unsatisfied with the results.  All we ask is for you to check out what fuel polishing systems are on the market and I am sure you will take a much harder look at Gulf Coast Filters.  Our products are simple, inexpensive and built to last the life of your boat.


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